The Message from Jesus Christ – Listen to God

The Message : This is amazing but has anybody really ever tried to understand the message from the Son of God, Jesus? Some may find that the Jesus Christ message is completely conceived by the word from God in human form. Much knowledge has been transmitted from generation to generation that deals with the Jesus Christ message. But then a question pierces straight into the heart. Then, prompt comes the reply that the word humanity is the center of all that has been painstakingly taught to us by Jesus. The Message

This is obviously a challenge to the world population who has knowingly or unknowingly marginalized the scope and the power of the word humanity. For this almost blasphemous to declare that humanity is not a religion, it is not Christianity, for it is the central message that Jesus has given to the mankind and for it own shield against decay and degradation. The Message

Here are some of the prime messages and relevance of the word humanity with them.

Peace and tolerance – Jesus has taught that if mankind is searching for peace then it must search it in the abode of tolerance and understanding. It is human to tolerate the fellow beings and the mistakes made by them for mankind is not the one to judge or punish rather it is through understanding that human can earn what they strive for. The Message

Charity - The message from Jesus has it that charity is the everlasting bond that God has with mankind and what mankind can create with God. Let it retreat to the human nature that compels it to help the ones in need and in reverse way it is its own need to help others. The Message

Faith - Faith is the key to remove the distance and resort to the everlasting bond with the Almighty. It is faith upon his judgment and complete surrender to his decisions that awards mankind with the peace and tranquility that it strives for. The peace is within the inner self and it is the inner self that can make everyone feel blessed. The Message

Gratefulness - This is wonderful feeling to be grateful to God for giving the opportunity that has awarded the name human beings and the so much of power and industrialism to that it has the power to alter the world according to its will and convenience. The gratefulness won’t let mankind complain and ultimately it is the key to lead the fulfilled life. The Message

Thus, it is easy to follow the message from Jesus, just be human. The Message

The Message